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Simons computer services has staff with over 15 years experience and knowledge of computers Offering a personal level of one to one help and support


home broadband network set up to your individual needs.            laptop repairs as well as computer repairs


we are resellers of the award winning NOD32 Antivirus software from ESET.


We build our own brand of computers built with the best components and at competitive prices with our own support




just friendly clearly spoken support on a one to one basis.


The Support and help spans all these windows operating systems like starting with MS Dos.


You typed in commands to program the computer used as a required part of windows operating systems up to windows ME, windows 2000 and then still used today for diagnostic and file repairing.

Microsoft Windows 3 launched in 1990

this was one of the first operating systems to make it easer to use computers by offering files organised in a graphical way.

Microsoft Windows 95 released on August 24, 1995


Microsoft windows 98 released on 25 June 1998



Windows Millennium Edition, or Windows Me released on 14 September 2000


Microsoft NT4 public release on 24 Aug 1996


Microsoft Windows 2000 Released on February 17, 2000


Microsoft Windows XP released on 25 October 2001

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition

Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition released on April 25 2005


Microsoft Windows Vista 32 Bit or 64 Bit versions retail release January 30, 2007



Microsoft windows 7 released October 2009


Microsoft windows 8 Some time in 1212


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